Austria kayak

Ischgl Kar Tahmini

  • Ischgl için hava durumu 2126 m Yükseklik yayınlanan: 1 pm23 May 2017 (Yerel zaman)
Austria kayak

Ischgl Kar Tahmini


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0 ve 3 günler arası Ischgl için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

Orta dereceli yağmur (toplam 13.0mm), çok yoğun Sal gecesi. Çok yumuşak (en fazla 10°C Per akşamı, en az 4°C Çar gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.

4 ve 6 günler arası Ischgl için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

Hafif yağmur (toplam 2.0mm), Çoğunlukla yağarak Cum gecesi. Çok yumuşak (en fazla 15°C Paz akşamı, en az 6°C Paz gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.
SalÇarşamba 24Perşembe 25Cuma 26Cumartesi 27Pazar 28Pzt
Rüzgar (km/h)
10 NW10
5 WNW5
10 NW10
10 NNW10
5 NNW5
10 N10
10 N10
5 NNW5
10 N10
10 N10
5 SSE5
5 NNW5
10 NNW10
5 SSW5
0 N0
5 N5
10 SSE10
5 ESE5
Özetyağmur fırtınasıyağmur fırtınasıhafif yağmuryağmur fırtınasıyağmur fırtınasıhafif bulutluyağmur fırtınasıyağmur fırtınasıhafif bulutluAçıkyağmur fırtınasıAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkyağmur fırtınasıAçık
Kar Haritası
Daha fazla
T alps snow sum24.cc23
T alps snow sum25.cc23
T alps snow sum26.cc23
T alps snow sum27.cc23
T alps snow sum28.cc23
T alps snow sum29.cc23
Kar cm
Yağmur mm
En Yüksek °C
En Düşük °C
H Sıcaklık°C
Donma seviyesi (m)320031002950315030503100335032503200355036003600370036503550395036003700
Ischgl freezing level scale
snowy slopeIschgl freezing level
Güneşin doğuşu--5:33--5:33--5:31--5:31--5:30--5:30
Güneşin batışı8:55--8:57--8:58--8:59--9:00--9:00--

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Visitor Reviews of Ischgl

John from United Kingdom writes:

Just returned having visited Ischgl for the first time in over ten years. I read some of the reviews before I went and thought the resort must have changed as some of the reviews did not match with my memory. Myself, my wife and two teenage children visited at half-term and had a fantastic holiday.
I agree with previous reviewers that it is not for extreme skiers but then it never has been and has never marketed itself in that way. For a half-term once a year ski holiday it was perfect. Massive plus points are: perfectly groomed runs. A fantastically efficient lift system that, even at half-term, coped superbly. Apart from at the start of the day the longest wait was three or four minutes, on many occasions there was no wait at all. Apart from one chair lift all chairs are high speed and the majority have covers, a god send at minus 17. Some even have heated seats. Good quality and good value mountain restaurants serving a variety of food at a sensible price, all with clean well appointed toilets, something my wife and daughter would love to be exported to France.
On the skiing front there is more than enough for most on piste with a good variety of runs. On the minus side there isn't much in the way of steep slopes and the off-piste is skied out very quickly.
To answer some of the points raised by others, I have skied all over France including the 3 valleys, Espace Killy and Chamonix and I didn't notice any reduction in the ability of skiers here than in any of those resorts. Also, on the whole, the slopes were no more crowded and I didn't see an accident all week.
The resort has one major issue, the runs back to the valley. We followed local advice and called in at a restaurant at 4.00 as the lifts closed, had a drink then skied down. The slopes were virtually deserted. However, on the last day we skied down with the crowds and it was chaos. Most of the runs down are icy and in places narrow, if you are anything other that a good confident skier then I would imagine they can be frightening. Parts of the runs, in particular just above the mid stations and the last pitch into the resort resembled a battle field with bodies strewn all over. My advice is if you have to go down with the crowd and are a beginner or early intermediate then take the gondolas back down, it just isn't worth the risk. But don't let that put you off, if you are after a place that gives you the all around experience of good hotels, good skiing, especially for a family, and good mountain restaurants then this place is perfect. We have already booked for next year.

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