France kayak

Peisey/Vallandry Kar Tahmini

  • Peisey/Vallandry için hava durumu 1301 m Yükseklik yayınlanan: 12 am21 Feb 2018 (Yerel zaman)
France kayak

Peisey/Vallandry Kar Tahmini


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0 ve 3 günler arası Peisey/Vallandry için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

Yeni karın tozlaşması. Donma- çözülme koşulları (en fazla 2°C Cum sabahı, en az -11°C Sal gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.

4 ve 6 günler arası Peisey/Vallandry için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

karın tozlaşması ve hafif yağmura dönüşmesi (toplam 6.0mm) Cmt sabahı. Donma- çözülme koşulları (en fazla 3°C Cmt sabahı, en az -16°C Paz gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.
SalÇarşamba 21Perşembe 22Cuma 23Cumartesi 24Pazar 25Pzt
Rüzgar (km/h)
5 ESE5
5 ESE5
5 NW5
10 ESE10
5 ESE5
0 ENE0
10 ESE10
5 SE5
0 E0
10 ESE10
5 E5
10 ESE10
10 SE10
5 WNW5
10 WNW10
10 SSE10
5 W5
10 W10
kar fırtınası
hafif bulutlu
hafif bulutlu
kar fırtınası
hafif kar
kar fırtınası
hafif kar
hafif kar
hafif kar
hafif kar
hafif kar
hafif bulutlu
kar fırtınası
kar fırtınası
hafif bulutlu
Kar Haritası
Daha fazla
T alps snow sum21.cc23
T alps snow sum22.cc23
T alps snow sum23.cc23
T alps snow sum24.cc23
T alps snow sum25.cc23
T alps snow sum26.cc23
Kar cm
Yağmur mm
En Yüksek °C
En Düşük °C
H Sıcaklık°C
Donma seviyesi (m)080011004509501300650130014508001500185013001400140000300
Peisey/Vallandry freezing level scale
snowy slopePeisey/Vallandry freezing level
Güneşin doğuşu-7:24--7:24--7:22--7:20--7:18--7:16-
Güneşin batışı--6:07--6:08--6:09--6:12--6:13--6:15
Eyeball snow report
  1. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: Snowing at a moderate rate at Saint Gervais.
  2. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: Snow is falling in Val d'Isere.
  3. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: Snow is falling in Val Thorens.
  4. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: It is snowing steadily in Val d'Isere.
  5. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: Snow falling in Val Thorens. Not much wind here, just a light breeze. Feeling cold here today. New snow is ankle depth. Every lift is open. The pistes have good snow. The off-piste has variable snow conditions.

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Visitor Reviews of Peisey/Vallandry

John Ludley from United Kingdom writes:

I have owned an apartment here for about 4 years. Peisey Vallandry (made up of the side by side villages of Plan Peisey & Vallandry) is a fabulous ski area with lots of wide motorway red runs through the trees. Only 2 black runs which aren't all that hard & some lovely blue runs. The place to head to in bad weather with the wide tree lined runs.

If you stay at Plan Peisey you are right next to the Vanoise Express lift giving you the option to ski at either Les Arcs or a quick hop over to La Plagne for the day. Les Arcs is a huge area on its own & I rarely find the need to go over to La Plagne.

Peisey isn't the liveliest place & it's described as a family resort - that said there are a handful of bars (Mont Blanc is the liveliest & usually busiest) & a decent choice of good restaurants. If it's wild nightlife you are after this won't suit you though you can "walk" to the livelier Arc 1800 but it's half an hour away along a ski road & a dodgy trip back after a few too many sherberts. You can also catch the free lobster pot lift down to the old quaint Peisey village which is a traditional mountain town with a few bars & restaurants & some people choose to stay here for the cheaper accommodation, but it's a lift away from the slopes & quiet if quaint. Watch you don't get stuck if you do visit the old village as the lift back stops quite early, though there is also an infrequent free bus service.

The main lift from Plan Peisey takes you to about 2400m & that's where the nursery slopes are so its a great place for beginners who get to go right up the mountain to feel part of the skiing & are guaranteed better snow with a massive area to progress to when leaving the nursery slopes.

The snow is usually excellent as it's a pretty high resort & there are plenty of snow cannons for the poor years. Les Arcs area seems to be getting new fast lifts every year (brand new Mont Blanc fast 6 person lift opened in 2011/12 at Arc 1600) & there are almost no drag lifts & very few old slow lifts. There are several fun boarder cross tracks in Peisey & Les Arcs & a luge track over at Arc 2000. La Plagne has a bobsleigh track for the more adventurous & Arc 1800 has its avalanche park with loads of jumps, a waterslide & an airbag for the adventurous.

Snow to date in 2011/12 is fabulous - probably too much on occasion with most lifts shut the weekend before Xmas 11 - that said there were still enough open for a decent days skiing when I gather the likes of Tignes/Val were totally shut due to the weather.

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