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Crans Montana Kar Tahmini

  • Crans Montana için hava durumu 1500 m Yükseklik yayınlanan: 12 am23 Jan 2017 (Yerel zaman)  
Switzerland kayak

Crans Montana Kar Tahmini

SzCrans Montana

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0 ve 3 günler arası Crans Montana için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

Çoğunlukla kuru. Donma- çözülme koşulları (en fazla 2°C Pzt sabahı, en az -15°C Pzt gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.

4 ve 6 günler arası Crans Montana için Hava Tahmin Özeti:

Çoğunlukla kuru. Donma- çözülme koşulları (en fazla 2°C Per sabahı, en az -9°C Çar gecesi). Rüzgar genelde hafif olacak.
PzrPazartesi 23Salı 24Çarşamba 25Perşembe 26Cuma 27Cts
Rüzgar (km/h)
10 SE10
10 SE10
5 NNW5
0 W0
5 NNW5
5 NNW5
10 SE10
10 SE10
0 WNW0
10 SE10
10 SE10
0 ENE0
10 SE10
10 SE10
5 SE5
10 SE10
5 NE5
5 NNW5
Özethafif bulutluhafif bulutluhafif bulutluhafif bulutluAçıkhafif bulutluAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçıkAçık
Kar Haritası
Daha fazla
T alps snow sum23.cc23
T alps snow sum24.cc23
T alps snow sum25.cc23
T alps snow sum26.cc23
T alps snow sum27.cc23
T alps snow sum28.cc23
Kar cm
Yağmur mm
En Yüksek °C
En Düşük °C
H Sıcaklık°C
Donma seviyesi (m)110015001950165013501250650110017505001200215065012002150125018001900
Crans Montana freezing level scale
snowy slopeCrans Montana freezing level
Güneşin doğuşu-8:03--8:02--8:00--8:00--7:58--7:58-
Güneşin batışı--5:21--5:22--5:23--5:24--5:25--5:28
Eyeball surf report
  1. Logo 4Mountain Air Holidays Another great week ahead, snow conditions very good and plenty of sunshine.
  2. eyeball reporterJohn Mac The winning time for the 7.6kms Inferno course was just over 7 minutes. All lifts operating today for the first time this season. Most of the runs are open too. Back to normal.

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Visitor Reviews of Crans Montana

tim oates from United Kingdom writes:

I write and research professionally and despair at the inaccuracy of crude posts. There were never 220 kms of piste in Crans Montana, this is being confused with the historical figure of 120 kms which was the quantity for the past decade or so, until the new pistes at Toula and this year's new Female World Cup piste were installed. The use of artificial was exemplary in this snow-lean year, and many more snow cannons have been installed. Yet, with due environmental consideration, I'd far rather resorts rely on natural and augment with artificial than over-use artificial. In 2012 and 2013 (good snow years) the skiing was spectacular at Crans Montana, including guided sessions in the off-piste wilderness of the Fauverges, with local guide Bixio Galera. The lifts have been substantially upgraded on a year by year basis, carefully planned and the resort is clearly considered good enough to host a load of international events. Each year we discover more stashes of powder in the interlinking terrain between the pistes, and have no complaints about piste preparation. I spent an evening on the piste machines last year, from 4pm to past 10pm (thanks Jerome) and they do the same high quality job you find in the $ Valleys and the Val D'Anniviers.

The idea that the 'small town atmosphere has gone' (another reviewer) could mean a distorted childhood memory, since the place just hasn't changed that much in three decades. There are still the local shops: the fantastic Taillen bakery and teashop, Mabiallard, the tool shop and so on. But now there's a Patagonia and Oakley store, and the great new bar in Montana - Senso. It still has a small town feel and the locals are great.

The idea of the traffic being disorganised is tosh, It can be busy for 30-60 minutes at 4.30 when the lifts close and that's it. Ever tried to park in Meribel or Courcheval? That's a genuine challenge compared with Crans Montana. In Crans Montana, just park at Aminona; free parking adjacent to the main lift!

So, I've skied in 5 countries, in dozens of resorts. I could ski in the 3 Valleys, in Verbier and where do I choose? Crans Montana. My kids love it there, I get well-groomed pistes over 140km and loads of challenging off-piste, and food on the hill which is cheaper than most of France.

And I will be on the plane going straight back there at the end of this week.

[note from the editor : text edited slightly to remove the names of other reviewers]

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