Jasná - Chopok Resort Guide

The Jasná - Chopok resort summary is: Jasná - Chopok has 12 lifts within its 157 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels, including terrain park enthusiasts. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 1075m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 39 trail at Jasná - Chopok.

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Jasná - Chopok Resort Guide

The Jasná - Chopok resort summary is: Jasná - Chopok has 12 lifts within its 157 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels, including terrain park enthusiasts. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 1075m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 39 trail at Jasná - Chopok.


Tepe: 2004m
Etek: 929m

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Jasná - Chopok ziyareti

Jasná - Chopok seyahatinizi planlamanıza yardımcı olacak faydalı tatil yeri bilgileri

  • Sezon başlangıcı
    26 Nov 2022
  • Sezon sonu
    1 May 2023
  • Konaklama
  • Restoranlar | Barlar
    12 | 8
  • En Yakın Havaalanı
  • En Yakın Tren İstasyonu
    Liptovsky Mikulas
  • Turizm Ofisi Web Sitesi
  • Turizm Ofisi Telefonu
    +421 907 88 66 44

Jasná - Chopok Özellikleri

Jasná - Chopok arazisi şunlar içerir::

  • Halfpipe
  • Kayak parkları
  • X-Ülke
    30.0 km
  • Kayak Kiralama

Jasná - Chopok tesisleri nasıl bir yer?

Jasná - Chopok is part of the several linked ski areas in the Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) national park (Jasná-Biela Púť, Jasná-Záhradk, Juh-Srdiečko, Jasná - Luková and Otupne). Located on the north and south slopes of Mount Chopok (2024m), usually referred to, simply, as Jasná. There is a wide selection of piste-side accommodation at Jasná - Chopok in the form of scattered hotels on the mountainside in attractive forest settings close to the pistes. Most visitors stay in the nearby towns including Liptovsky Mikulas or Liptovsky Hradok or on the road to the resort in Demanova. Jasná - Chopok is the largest ski resort in Central Europe with excellent intermediate slopes plus some very good off-piste terrain and a terrain park. There is 49km of skiing on 36 slopes serviced by 26 mostly new lifts. Lots of off-piste options accessible from the main lifts. Great cross-country trails and ski touring routes, night skiing, good ski schools and apres-ski add to the experience in this stunning mountain panorama setting of the Tatra Mountain.

Jasná - Chopok Arnsberg Konum Haritasını İnceleyin

Etkileşimli Jasná - Chopok parkur ve pist haritası. Bölge kırsalını dolaşmak için pist ve parkurların yanı sıra çevredeki arazi ve dağ yapısını görüntüleyin. Kayak merkezi işaretlerine tıklayarak yakındaki kayak merkezlerini bulun ve karşılaştırın.

Jasná - Chopok Canlı Hava Durumu

Tatil yeriKar KalınlığıSıca. (°C)Rüzgar (km/h)Hava Durumu
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rain showers
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rain showers
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ŞubatOrtalama: 4.0 haftalık kar günleri
Jasná - Chopok merkezindeki en karlı hafta, Şubat ayının 2. haftasıdır. Bu hafta boyunca genellikle 4.0 karlı gün ve 19cm kar yağışı vardır. Aşağıda yer alan Jasná - Chopok Kar Geçmişi grafiklerine göz atın.

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Genel olarak: 4.0 Temelinde 23 oylama(lar) ve 14 yorum

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Israel 'den Evgenii yazıyor:

As Slovak is not currently supported, review translated into English:

We have always loved Jasná and we have come here several times as a family.
But what happened today, January 5, 2021, forces me to reconsider my position on this ski resort.
Rudeness and indifference are on the verge of being in danger.
Today we arrived at Jasný with three adults and 6 children. We skated, everything was fine. We came and parked on Krupová, that's the northern slope. On the elevator we moved through Hopok and drove all day on the south slope. At 15-15, they began to return. At 15-30 we were at the top of the hill. Before the descent began and we wanted to go downhill and snowboarding, we got a little confused because we couldn't find the exit we needed. At that time, we did not find a single employee of the department from whom we could request a trip. We figured it out ourselves. We started the descent on the blue highway. It was still light, but it was getting dark. During the descent there was a strong wind with gusts, which carried snow, sometimes it was very difficult to see .. It all slowed down our movement and the darkness began to cover us. We continued to move forward through the darkness. The tracks were moving away from us, processing the track. They saw a group of people in the dark, apparently not in time to descend, with the children. None of them stopped and asked if we were okay. We slowly got to some intermediate station from which the stalls fell. We were excited, believing that we would get to Krupova now, but it was not where the station was closed outside and we could not get to it on the street, we met a man who was wrong with an employee who was asked how we could go to Krupova on the cable car. The children were already crying at the time, someone was frozen and in general it was not very good, because the darkness finally covered us. The person we were dealing with pointed hand down and said they said I had to go in that direction. There was nothing to do, we went down by touch and roughly understood the direction. At the meeting, they met again with straps that passed us indifferently. We got to the next point, where there was a trailer with workers, there were snowmobiles on the trailer. We turned to these workers and said where we had to go, and we asked for directions. I also told them that we had children, they were frozen, they were afraid, I asked them to take them on snowmobiles. I sincerely believed that as employees they should help us somehow. In response, there was rejection and absolute indifference. These people sat in their trailer, ate some food and watched television lazily. The maximum they did was wave their hand, pointing in the direction of us. We had to move on our own, a ntrak came to us, which climbed the mountain with a cable that was not visible in the dark and almost crashed into it as it moved forward on the snowboard. Then we left the highway and somehow got to Krupova.
So we came down around 17-20. Everything was closed on Krupová. I wanted to ask if there was any help or rescue service for people stranded in the mountains at this resort. It is strange that I only thought about it at that moment, but on the other hand, a ski resort of this level with a ticket of EUR 57 per adult per day seemed to take natural care of the safety of visitors. Everything was closed again, there are no telephones on the information stands. I thought I would figure it out later. They loaded into the car, walking to the exit barrier. The facility ate a parking ticket, but the barrier did not open. Another problem. He approached the trailer at the barrier, so there was no one, even though an employee was sitting there in the morning. As we were leaving the parking lot and there was another car, a car was passing us, across the second exit. My wife and I were going to the station when we saw an employee. They came and explained the situation. To our surprise, the employee said it wasn't his problem and sent us ...
Posted literally. After we started asking for a phone number where we could call or even suggest some way out, he told us "whores" and continued on.
Overwhelmed by such treatment and barely limited, I called the police, the policeman asked me to hand over the phone to the employee who first refused to take it, but then, at my urgent request, took it. After talking to the police, the employee said that he would open the exit for us in ten to fifteen minutes. And so it turned out that he came and gave us a barrier with his card. What it was and why I didn't understand this employee.
Short exit: the ticket is not small, the service and customer care are poor. It is not clear how they work and whether there are any rescue services in the mountains at all. Employees show indifference and rudeness. Next time we'll go to another place. In addition, I will ask for official explanations from Jasna about our situation. Depending on the answer I receive, I will decide what to do next.

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