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Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Kayak Merkezi bilgi özeti

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Forecasts

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Kayak Merkezi bilgi özeti

Knockmealdown's  Nov 29th 2012  by Fabian Murphy, Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) photo

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts)

Fotoğraf kredisi: Fabian Murphy

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  • 668m

  • 368m

  • 300m

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  • En yakın havaalanı:Waterford City
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Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) merkezin yöneticisinden Duyurular/Haberler

Kayak merkez yönetici programımıza katılın

Friday 26th February 2016 saw a slow moving weather front dump plenty snow over Knockmealdowns ensuring a fun filled open weekend for winter sports entusiasts from Waterford and surrounding areas.

Verilen bilgiler 29 Feb 2016

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35 SW35
7 °CF-Düzeyi
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45 SW45
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30 WSW30
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Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Konum Haritaları

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Location Map

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) Ziyaretçi Yorumları

Ireland 'den Waterford's Mountains yazıyor:

At the height of the Celtic Tiger many people started going on ski holidays to the big resorts in mainland Europe.This combined with the arrival of German supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi who brought basic snowboards and ski gear at a much reduced price led to an increase in the popularity of snowsports in Ireland. Now the Celtic Tiger era is but a distant memory and most people have had to drop the Winter Ski Holiday so much ski gear is lying redundant in Irish homes. However, don't despair, Ireland's winters have started to get colder and at times like these the mountains are beginning to gain popularity as much of this largely redundant ski gear is getting tested out on Irish mountain slopes. It is a frustrating game in Ireland waiting for snow but when it does happen Irish mountain slopes undergo a beautiful metamorphosis which is being recognised by an ever growing band of enthusiasts who began to think outside the box. Proof of this has begun to emerge with the production of great ski and snowboard videos from the East Coast and South East mountain ranges combined with a massive vote of confidence by Snow-Forecast.com who have entered into the domestic Irish scene. All is looking good for the future what is needed in order for this to continue is plenty more cold spells during the winter months.
Finally to sum everything up; the proximity of the Comeragh's, Monavullagh's and Knockmealdown's to the major cities of Waterford, Cork and Limerick all within one hours drive plus other urban areas like Clonmel,Youghal and Dungarvan only minutes away and not forgetting Tramore with it's great surfing tradition coupled with an energetic urban skate scene the best is yet to come!

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) hakkında kendi yorumunuzu göndermek için burayı tıklayın

city forecastsKnocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) merkezine en yakın şehir hava durumuları

  • Waterford, Ireland51km
  • Cork, Ireland54km
  • Limerick, Ireland71km
  • Galway, Ireland142km
  • Tallaght, Ireland155km

surf forecastKnocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) merkezine en yakın Surf Break'ler

  • Ardmore, Ireland31km
  • Bunmahon, Ireland34km
  • Kilmurren Cove, Ireland39km
  • Annestown, Ireland40km
  • Perfect Wave, Ireland42km

mountain forecastsKnocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) En yakın
dağ zirveleri

  • Knockmealdown, Ireland3km
  • Sugarloaf Hill (Knockmealdowns), Ireland6km
  • Comeragh Mountains, Ireland22km
  • Fauscoum, Ireland23km
  • Galtymore, Ireland27km

Knocknafallia (Knockmealdown Mts) merkezine yakın Kayak Merkezleri ve dağ zirveleri

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