Japan - Hokkaido kayak

Sapporo Teine Kayak Merkezi bilgi özeti

Japan - Hokkaido kayak

Sapporo Teine Kayak Merkezi bilgi özeti

Sapporo Teine Kayak Merkezi bilgi özeti (Teine Highland)

Yamaç İstatistikleri

  • 1023m

  • 683m

  • 340m

  • Kayak Akresi:150
  • Kayak Pistleri:15
  • Yapay kar:-
  • Halfpipe:No
  • Kayakçılık için arazi parkları:-
  • X-Country:-
  • Acemiler35%
  • orta seviyedekiler40%
  • Profesyoneller25%

Located just to the Northwest of Sapporo, Sapporo Teine offers incredible skiing and phenomenal scenery right on the doorstep of Hokkaido's biggest city. The Highland area is connected to the Teine Olympia zone just below it by ski lifts, runs and the main access road. All tickets are valid for both and the two areas are operated as one resort. The Highland area is fairly steep with some narrow, switchbacking cat tracks connecting the main groomed runs meaning most beginners and intermediates looking for good open groomers will be happier lower down in the Olympia area. For advanced skiers and riders looking for steep, varied terrain with chutes, drops, glades etc Sapporo Teine should be at the top of your list. Access to the highest lifted point is via the new Summit Express quad chair (opened Dec 2008) allowing quick top to bottom laps. Also from the top of the Summit express, Sapporo Teine resort permits a short 10 minute walk to the old ropeway station (decommissioned in 2008) from where you can access a series of steep powder bowls. All of these bowls ski back to lifts but make sure you know where you are going (or travel with someone who does) as there are no signs and the trail back is just a ski track. If you do miss the track home, you will be in for an extremely long walk. It is important to remember that in out of bounds backcountry terrain, there is no ski patrol and you are riding at your own risk. As such appropriate caution should be taken if you choose to enter this area.


  • En yakın havaalanı:New Chitose (Sapporo)
  • En yakın tren istasyonu:Teine/Sapporo
  • Turist enformasyon için telefon:011-683-3721
  • Turist Enformasyon Websayfası:https://sapporo-teine.com/snow/lang/en/
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  • Sezon başlangıcı:
  • Sezon sonu:
  • Lifts:10
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  • Yayınlanış:9 Dec
  • Son Kar Yağışı:9 December 2019
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Günün Hava Durumu (682 m)tam kar tahminini görüntüle

parçalı bulutlu
25 SW25
2 °CF-Düzeyi
parçalı bulutlu
20 WSW20
2 °CF-Düzeyi
hafif yağmur
30 SW30
3 °CF-Düzeyi

Sapporo Teine (Teine Highland) merkezine yakın olan kış merkezleri bunları kapsıyor:

Sapporo Teine Konum Haritaları

Sapporo Teine Location Map

city forecastsSapporo Teine merkezine en yakın şehir hava durumuları

  • Sapporo, Japan12km
  • Ishikari, Japan21km
  • Otaru, Japan22km
  • Ebetsu, Japan26km
  • Kitahiroshima, Japan32km

surf forecastSapporo Teine merkezine en yakın Surf Break'ler

  • Livadia, Russia696km
  • Gornostay, Russia746km
  • Patrokl, Russia751km
  • Choshi, Japan821km
  • Katagai, Japan842km

mountain forecastsSapporo Teine En yakın
dağ zirveleri

  • Mount Eniwa, Japan33km
  • Mount Fure, Japan33km
  • Mount Monbetsu, Japan36km
  • Mount Morappu, Japan40km
  • Shiribetsu, Japan42km

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